Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Want a Bouncy Seat Too, Please.

Declan's "doorway jumper" - known affectionately around our house as the "bouncy seat," "bouncy," or "bounce-a-baby" - arrived this Tuesday. The UPS truck showed up at 9:50 and I had to babysit at 10, so for two long hours I was left itching to open that package and show Declan his new toy! When we got home, Aaron had already set the bouncy up (Sidenote: For some reason Aaron setting up Declan's toys and gear makes me go all mushy inside. It's like the quintessential "daddy" task.) Declan is still a little young for it, as he doesn't yet grasp the concept of jumping, but he does like hanging out in it. And it has a little tray on the front, so we load it up with some rattles and plastic keys, and he's good to go (AKA, throws them all over the kitchen floor in a rousing game of Make-Mommy-Fetch-My-Toys!)

Aaron had an interview at the Omni today. He gets nervous before interviews, and didn't know where the Omni was, so I went with him and waited in the car, parked at a meter on San Jacinto. Declan screamed pretty much the entire time that Aaron was gone. He really did not want to take a nap. I got some weird looks from the pedestrians walking by, partially because I had the window down so they got to hear Declan's wail in full force, and partially because they probably thought that we were homeless and living in my truck or something. I felt like posting a sign on the window that said "We have a house, and the baby is fine. Please don't call CPS."

I've started doing 30 minutes of pilates every day. Pilates is great. It's like combining yoga and mom's old exercise videos. I found a good 20 minute intermediate routine, which is just right for me except when they do sit ups, which I cannot do at the moment because my abs are still SHOT TO HELL. They do not work. I am working up to sit ups. Then on top of that routine I add a 10 minute "focus" routine, either concentrating on belly, thighs, or butt (My upper body gets plenty of workout carrying my 17-pound chunky monkey around all day, I think.) I think these are beginner routines, because even the belly-focused one doesn't ask me to do a sit up. Which is good. Because I can't.

I wish that they made grown-up sized bouncy seats. It looks like a pretty good workout. Maybe I will invent that. And take it on Shark Week to get investors.

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julie kay said...

man. do it. i'd totally buy your bouncy chair for adults.