Friday, July 31, 2009

Lesson Learned

Dear Katherine, 

Today I took one of those secret trips to Randalls and I spent some time inspecting the bakery case. I learned a valuable lesson. The creme filled donuts are ovals, not rectangles. We should remember this for next time, so that we aren't so disappointed with our faux-eclairs-that-are-really-just-rectangle-donuts. And since I can't trust my brain to remember anything these days, you're in charge.

Love, Natalie

Dear Aaron,

If you got nosy, clicked the "Blog" bookmark, and read this post, you are probably thinking, "WHAT? She's been eating donuts? She's spending money, poisoning our child, and her butt practically has its own gravitational pull already!" Well, tonight's was only the third donut I've had in the past, like, year. Wait, that's not counting that one free sample at Walgreen's cosmetics counter (what was THAT about?). So, the fourth donut. And only two of those have been creme filled (should have been three, but one was the above mentioned faux-eclair.)

Anyway, my point is, when YOU complete twenty-nine weeks and one day of pregnancy without eating at least four donuts, THEN you can reprimand me. Also, besides the donut, I bought bananas, spinach, mixed veggies, and V8. So the donut is totally cancelled out. 

Love, Natalie

Thursday, July 30, 2009


So today my OB looked at my cervix through binoculars (technical name: colposcopy, not to be confused with colonoscopy. Nothing went up my butt). It was very bizarre. First she swabbed me with vinegar (which I've decided really is a miracle liquid - it cleans, it "highlights abnormal cells", and it makes salad dressing!) then she got really close and looked at me through these funny binoculars. 

I came thisclose to farting in her face (this is what pregnancy will do to you - it's hard to hold them in!), but I did hold it in because I remembered that she may very well have a knife and free reign with my lady parts in 11 short weeks. And 11 weeks is not enough time to forgive someone for farting in your face.

The good news is that Declan is growing well and his heart rate was perfect. The bad news is that my body is stupid and thinks it's time for him to be born. My cervix is soft and a little bit dialated. Dumb, dumb cervix. 

So now I'm on "modified bed rest" - I can still walk around and do normal things, but no lifting above my head, no sex, and absolutely no running, jumping, or squatting. Basically the Dr told me to lay down as much as possible, so that Declan's weight is kept off of my unforgivably stupid cervix. When she said this, I pictured myself jumping and him falling right out of me. Ew.

So those 11 weeks that the good doctor would have had to forgive me had I farted in her face may actually be nine or ten weeks - she thinks he'll come early. Luckily for him, he's a tank, and will probably be fully developed by then. I'm just praying that I make it to October, for purely selfish reasons - if he's born in September, his birthstone won't be opal, and the gorgeous opal necklace that Aaron got me will be meaningless! 

Oh well, shouldn't have counted our chick before he hatches, I suppose.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I wish I had  bunion. Because then I could call a number, get free bunion surgery, and get paid $700 for FIXING MY BUNION!

I would totally participate in those medical research trials, but ever since I've been able to legally consent, I've either been living in Nowhere, Iowa, or I've been with child. And I'm not willing to (by proxy) give my baby experimental drugs. 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Around the World in 80 Days

80 days until my due date!

Hopefully they fly by as quickly as the last 80 have.

Exactly 80 days ago, it was May 8th, and I was getting ready for finals, trying to figure out how to get to Texas, waiting anxiously for my ultrasound, and enjoying the Iowa springtime. I spent a lot of time on my green fleece blanket out in the yard, playing Scrabble on my iPod. I was also spending a lot of time trying to spend my dining dollars at the Grille. And now I'm living off of PB&J sandwiches and questionable leftovers.

Sidenote, Declan's kicking and squirming has become semi-painful. But I figured out that when I sing, he calms down. Hopefully this trick will still work outside of the womb.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Just because the "something" happens to only be one day doesn't mean that I can't say I'm twenty-something.

I had a great birthday! Babysat in the morning, then went to lunch and my 4D ultrasound with Aaron, Mom and Katherine. Aaron made us steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner, which I gobbled down while watching Coraline. Then Elle picked me up, gave me a cupcake, and we went to see Orphan with the Goodriches plus Ben. Then off to Julie's house, where we finished the butterfly puzzle! What a day. 

Although really nothing can beat seeing Declan in 3D. Aaron cried the whole time, Katherine kept calling him creepy, and the tech told us he looked "buff." He's got Aaron's nose, my chin, and very pretty lips. I think he has my cheeks, too, poor guy. I've never seen another baby with jowls like the ones I had.

We also double checked that he's a boy, and YEP, no question. We saw it in 3D. Aaron was so proud. So if anyone out there was hesitating on buying something blue, don't worry. :)

Now I have a weekend full of doing nothing. I hate when Aaron works 8-6. I wake up when he leaves and when he gets home, I'm cranky from being so bored all day. At least when he works 5-11 we get the day together and then I have the evening to relax (because I need some alone time after a day with Aaron!) Only kidding, I love him.

Anyway, I'm obviously bored and boredom-induced blogging usually results in boring, rambley posts. So I'll go have some Honey-Nut Cheerios and wallow in sorrow that Jeopardy isn't on during the weekends.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I'll let these speak for themselves.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thunder and Spaghetti

That's what I'm enjoying right now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm getting a 4D ultrasound! Friday at 3:30 we'll get to see exactly what Declan looks like. Little cheeks, little ears, and whose mouth will he inherit? Whose nose? I can't wait!

But before that, it's off to JKR for Team-Team Adventure 2009 (plus Declan). I can't wait for that, either, because it means hanging out with Julie and Keely, my favorites. And it means getting to go on the Wet Willy, swim in the river, and wear my Chacos! 

However, it will be pretty awkward... when I dropped Katherine off there in early June, I could (and did) suck my tummy in so that no one could tell that I'm with child. A month and half later, and there's not a chance that I could hide it. So I'm just gonna smile and nod. It will be totally worth the embarrassment, because I love camp and I love Team Team. 

Aunt Sue is in Mexico! It's so weird without her as my neighbor. Can't wait for August, so that I can have her back! But even more, I can't wait until September, so that Becky will be back, too, and I can have two neighbors (and a baby shower)! And even more than that, I can't wait until October, so that I can hold Declan in my arms rather than having him kick my internal organs 24/7!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End is Nigh

Just got home from the doctor's... I really hate it there. And now I have to go every two weeks! So I've got five more appointments, then I go every week for four more appointments, and then he's born! If everything goes as planned. Which I hope it does.

I felt bad today because I told the guy drawing my blood that the last time I got blood drawn (which was by him as well) was the first time I had bruised after giving blood. I was expecting him to say that it was because of pregnancy, or something, but he just got all apologetic. Dude, it was no big deal. I just had a little bruise and was trying to make conversation. 

Aaron took the night off and we're going to see Harry Potter. I'm excited! He said he did it because he knows how I hate the doctor, so it's like a reward. Reminds me of the time when I was 5 and had to get a bunch of shots, so my parents bought me The Lion King on VHS. Except I'm not 5 anymore. But I did have to lose two whole vials of blood, and drink a yucky glucose drink, and have my belly prodded. So I guess I'll go with it and enjoy my reward. 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Smitty, and Other Things

I spent Friday and Sunday handing out samples of barbeque at a Sam's Club - a less than glamourous job, but the owner of the barbeque company, Smitty, made it worth my while. He's a real, good ol' Texas boy - huge beer belly, strong Texas accent, full of corny jokes. He called me sweetheart, pumpkin, and goober, and gave me a huge box of barbeque to take home, saying, "I take care of those who take care of me!"

Today, two interesting things happened. 

Well, the first isn't interesting so much as just great. A neighbor of mine with a 2 year old boy stopped by with a big box of never-been-worn baby clothes. And we're not talking Target brand onesies, here, folks. I mean, tiny leather shoes from PediPed (2 pairs of Liam style), Baby Gap sweaters, and about 20 newborn-size diapers, amongst many other stylish baby goodies. I don't know if you've seen a newborn diaper, but they are ridiculously small. Scary small. 

Between the kindness of neighbors and my awe-inspiring clearance rack shopping skillz (yesterday at Kohl's - this, these, and these, all for under $10!!), Declan will be a well-dressed baby for sure.

Second weird thing of today: A long-lost friend of my aunt Sue just knocked at my door, then somehow, I ended up with her whole family in my house, using my bathroom and commenting on my furniture / floors / doorknobs. Seriously, it was bizarre. As they were leaving, her elderly mother gave me a hug, kissed me on the cheek, and said that she loves me. I didn't know what to say. My immediate, awkward reaction? "Oh, um, I love you, too? Have nice day!"

I sure hope that's the "kindness towards strangers" that Jesus says will get me into heaven. It felt like the grown-up thing to do, to invite the woman (Sue's friend) inside while she called Sue from my phone. I did not feel so grown up as I shut the door behind them and had a giggle fit because I just told an old woman that I love her. I still have some maturing to do, apparently. 

Eleven days until my birthday, and ninety-four days until my due date! Hoorah!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Speaking of Broadening...

My cousin requested a belly shot, and I directed her here, but I realized after I just posted that the most recent one is two weeks old, and Declan and I have grown significantly since then.

Told ya so.

Also, here is a close up of my belly button.

So bizarre. Also, you can see that Declan's laying sideways - where my stomach bulges outward significantly on the right side of the pic, just above my hand? Yeah. That would be a head. 

Broadening My Horizons

Tonight I ate rabbit stew. 

I thought they only did that in the backwoods of east Texas, but apparently Iowans are big rabbit stew fans, too. According to Aaron and my Grandma. And they're both authentic Iowans, so I guess I trust them.

But seriously, it was a bunny. And it tasted like chicken. 

Tomorrow I am serving barbeque samples. If you'd like one, come to the Sam's Club in Round Rock between 10 and 7, and I'll give you one. If you're nice, I might share the secret recipe. God I hope there's a secret recipe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Beach

I know I've already blogged today, but I just found out something else and it made me think.

JKR is on five day break. Which is so far from affecting me in any way this year that you all are probably saying, "Um, so?"

And you're right, their five-day has nothing to do with me. But it does bring up a few interesting thoughts in my mind. 

1. That means summer is halfway over. And I still haven't found a job, which means I fail at life. It feels like no time has passed since I moved down here. I'm not even unpacked all the way yet. But now that I know that five-day has started, there's no denying that time is passing. It's a milestone I wasn't ready for.

2. Exactly one year ago, Lauren was spending the night at my house, we were painting our toenails bright orange and watching The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, preparing ourselves for Port A. One year ago minus 24 hours, Lauren, Jeffrey, Joel and I were singing Hakuna Matata while shut in the pitch black closed bed of someone's (Kyle's?) truck, on our way back to the Travelodge from our beach bonfire. A year ago minus 48 hours, I was walking down the beach, holding hands with a stranger who would later tell me that I was perfect and that he wanted to move to Iowa to be with me... and then I would put my number in his iPhone and never see him again.

How times have changed. If you'd asked me a year ago, while we were sitting around the bonfire drinking Corona and smelling of smoke and saltwater, where I would be in July 2009, I would bet you $1,00,000 that I would have cried joyously, "Right here! With you! On the beach!" I would have run into the ocean with my dress on, jumped on the hotel beds, and played never-have-I-ever until dawn. 

And now I enjoy... stroller shopping? Nights in with my husband-to-be? How times have changed.

100 Days

At Grinnell, the senior class has a big party when they have 100 days left until graduation. Everyone gets way too drunk and makes out with each other in celebration of reaching the end of their college days. 

Well, tonight I'm throwing myself my own 100 Days party. I can't believe that I only have 100 days left of pregnancy, but I'm way excited about it. So I'm going to... um... make spaghetti. And give Aaron a kiss. Woo! Party. 

In other news, Declan was kicking so hard this morning that I decided to try an experiment. I put the rubber ducky on my belly. Sure enough, he kicked it right off. My baby is already kicking his toys! Hooray!