Friday, August 24, 2012

Interview, 2 years 10 months

N: Declan, what's your favorite animal?

D: I donno. *pauses, thinks...* A monkey! My friend's a monkey. I see a monkey?

N: What is your favorite color?

D: I donno. Ween. (green)

N: What is your favorite letter?

D: I donno. A? I donno. My fave-rit leyer? *idea comes to him* Wapa's leyer! (grandpa's letter)

N: What is your favorite number?

D: I donno. TWO!

N: What is your favorite food?

D: I donno.

N: What do you like to eat?

D: Uh, cheese! My fave-rit coyor (color) cheese, is lellow (yellow).

N: What is your favorite drink?

D: I donno. Dooce! (juice). Is red!

N: What is your favorite toy?

D: I donno, tiger!

N: Who's your favorite choo-choo?

D: I donno, Thomas.

N: What's your favorite animal?

D: I donno, tiger!

(Do you see a theme? I am SO SO tired of the "I donno" business whenever we ask him a question. I hope he grows out of this phase soon. But the latter parts of his answers were accurate and cute :) Except Grandpa's letter, no idea what that means.)

Declan: Daddy, you're so funny.
Aaron: No, YOU'RE so funny!
Dec: No, daddy, you're SO SO funny.
...this continues for a couple minutes...
Aaron: Declan, I think you're AWESOME!
Dec: Daddy, please STOP talking!

These guys are going to crack me up for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blissful Booty

I'm entering a giveaway to win a Blissful Booty pocket diaper from The Awesome Cloth Diaper Blog! I am branching out to try new brands, and I can't wait to try this one!

Friday, January 27, 2012

January Update

I've been really bad about writing here lately. I think it's because the only time that I'm sitting down with the computer is when I'm feeding Asher, and then I only have one hand. Right now, he's napping in his swing, and Declan is busy pulling all of his books off the shelf.

Life has settled into a manageable routine. Declan goes to daycare Wednesday and Thursday mornings, so that Aaron can nap and clean and spend time alone with Asher. Declan has so much fun there, it's totally worth it. And we're only paying like $15/day. Gotta love small town prices.

Asher is a wonderful baby these days. He's 3.5 months old now, and all smiles. His schedule is something like this: 4 am I wake up, eat, back to bed. 8 am, wake up, smile. Eat. Smile. Nap. 12 pm, repeat. 3 pm, repeat. 7 pm, bath. Eat. Get swaddled. Smile so big that Mama doesn't want to put him to bed! But, bedtime goes much smoother when I put him down happy than if I wait until he's overtired and crying. So he's usually in bed by 8:30 or 9.

He's getting big, too! Although nowhere near as big as his brother was at his age. Asher is still in 0-3 month clothes. I'm pretty sure Declan was not much older than this when he switched to 6-9 month clothes. But Asher has the most precious chubby cheeks! And I love that he's small. We've gotten so much more use out of our baby clothes.

The best news of this week is that I got the official go-ahead from my boss to enroll in school in the fall. I actually applied this morning! Once I get accepted, I'll have to talk to someone there about how much work I can do online, and what I can get credit for from Grinnell or AP tests. They do four terms per year, so one year from now, I'll be starting my third term, and already be halfway to being an LPN!

All this morning I've been planning out my hypothetical school/work schedule. I know it's going to be hard. I'm not going to have any days completely "off," it will always be work or school. But it will be worth it! I can't wait to be a nurse. I'm so excited, I've actually been reading the Medical Encyclopedia every day at work. What a nerd.

Anyway, I've got some posts planned to try and document things I know I'll forget about Declan being little. Have to go because he's spitting water onto the TV stand.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Interview with a Two-Year-Old

Declan River, 1/9/12

N: Declan, what's your favorite animal?

D: Bapa. (Grandpa)

N: Grandpa's your favorite animal?

D: Um, beebee? (Baby)

N: Baby is your favorite animal? Okay. What is your favorite color?

D: Boo. (Blue)

N: What is your favorite letter?

D: Um... B!

N: What is your favorite number?

D: Um, O?

N: You mean zero?

D: *nods*

N: What is your favorite food?

D: Mnamna! (Banana)

N: What is your favorite drink?

D: Wawa. (Water)

N: What is your favorite toy?

D: Um... Ahmo! (Elmo)

N: Elmo? Not your choo-choos? Who's your favorite choo-choo?

D: Peebees. (Percy)

N: okay, lets try animal again. What's your favorite animal? You know, dog, cat, cow, duck, eleph -


N: Tiger. Shoulda guessed.

D: RAWR! RAWR! GRRRRR *pounces*

*interview erupts into mama vs. tiger wrestling/tickle fest*

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Songs

Ashley posted on FB the song that was #1 on the charts the week that she was born. I thought it would be interesting to document the songs that were #1 for my family and look back on them later (and laugh, I'm sure.)

Aaron - Say Say Say by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson

Natalie - Toy Soldiers by Martika

Declan - Down by Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne

Asher - Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera (If he had been born a week later, it would have been Someone Like You by Adele.)

It's so funny to think that someday the boys' songs will be "oldies" and sound just as dated as Aaron's and mine do now. Declan's song is already not heard on the radio anymore.

Thanks Ashley for the idea!

PS, I just happened to look it up - Katherine's song is Stay by Lisa Loeb. I couldn't think of the song at first, but I found it on Youtube and had big 90s flashbacks. Wanted to put it here so that I can have those flashbacks in another 10, 20, 30 years, too!


- Asher laughed for the first time last night! It was just the tiniest chuckle, and I couldn't get him to do it again, so I wasn't sure if I should count it or not. But then tonight he chuckled again, a couple of times, and it sounded just like last night, so 1/3/12 will be the official date of Asher's first laugh. For the record, I got it by pulling the most silly, embarrassing faces and making the most ridiculous cutesy noises you can imagine. There are no limits to what moms will do to get a giggle.

- Christmas was great. They both got everything we could have asked for and more. Declan's Jeep was a huge hit. Most of Asher's gifts are for when he's a bit bigger (Bumbo, jumperoo, size 6m clothes, etc) but I am *loving* the crib sheet that my mom got him. It's off white with a pattern of little gray elephants.

- I broke down and joined Pinterest, because Lord knows I need another way to waste time on the internet. After seeing some pics of gorgeous nurseries, I really want to pick up some more accessories for Asher's room and do a gray and yellow theme. Pinterest is going to be the death of our bank account. I have gotten some really good ideas, though! They have tons of lists of crafts and activities for kids, as well as ideas for workouts for me.

- Speaking of workouts, I made a huge list of New Year's resolutions, 99% of which I've already broken. Oh well. I've learned this: Whenever I make a promise to do something with NO EXCEPTIONS, I set myself up for failure. Because with two little ones, a job, uh... a life... there are going to be exceptions. There are going to be nights that I'm up with the baby and am subsequently too tired to work out the next day. There are going to be nights that Declan is a holy terror (um, all of them) and dishes don't get done. And as for diets, I should have learned by now that they don't work for me. Because I love food. What works for me is portion control, not cutting out entire food groups.

- I am so happy that it is unseasonably warm here. It's like Iowa could sense that I was homesick during Christmas, and gave us a Texas-style December - highs in the 50s, brown grass, the works. It's supposed to be 54 tomorrow. There's still no snow on the ground. Aaron is bummed and hopes that it snows before his birthday on the 12th. I personally couldn't care less if it ever snowed again. I'm already ready for it to warm up so that I can stick my boys in the jogging stroller and walk this baby weight off instead of looking like a complete idiot doing pilates in front of the TV.

Time for dishes. And trying to scrub cheese out of the carpet. And possibly taking out the trash, if I'm feeling ambitious.