Wednesday, January 4, 2012


- Asher laughed for the first time last night! It was just the tiniest chuckle, and I couldn't get him to do it again, so I wasn't sure if I should count it or not. But then tonight he chuckled again, a couple of times, and it sounded just like last night, so 1/3/12 will be the official date of Asher's first laugh. For the record, I got it by pulling the most silly, embarrassing faces and making the most ridiculous cutesy noises you can imagine. There are no limits to what moms will do to get a giggle.

- Christmas was great. They both got everything we could have asked for and more. Declan's Jeep was a huge hit. Most of Asher's gifts are for when he's a bit bigger (Bumbo, jumperoo, size 6m clothes, etc) but I am *loving* the crib sheet that my mom got him. It's off white with a pattern of little gray elephants.

- I broke down and joined Pinterest, because Lord knows I need another way to waste time on the internet. After seeing some pics of gorgeous nurseries, I really want to pick up some more accessories for Asher's room and do a gray and yellow theme. Pinterest is going to be the death of our bank account. I have gotten some really good ideas, though! They have tons of lists of crafts and activities for kids, as well as ideas for workouts for me.

- Speaking of workouts, I made a huge list of New Year's resolutions, 99% of which I've already broken. Oh well. I've learned this: Whenever I make a promise to do something with NO EXCEPTIONS, I set myself up for failure. Because with two little ones, a job, uh... a life... there are going to be exceptions. There are going to be nights that I'm up with the baby and am subsequently too tired to work out the next day. There are going to be nights that Declan is a holy terror (um, all of them) and dishes don't get done. And as for diets, I should have learned by now that they don't work for me. Because I love food. What works for me is portion control, not cutting out entire food groups.

- I am so happy that it is unseasonably warm here. It's like Iowa could sense that I was homesick during Christmas, and gave us a Texas-style December - highs in the 50s, brown grass, the works. It's supposed to be 54 tomorrow. There's still no snow on the ground. Aaron is bummed and hopes that it snows before his birthday on the 12th. I personally couldn't care less if it ever snowed again. I'm already ready for it to warm up so that I can stick my boys in the jogging stroller and walk this baby weight off instead of looking like a complete idiot doing pilates in front of the TV.

Time for dishes. And trying to scrub cheese out of the carpet. And possibly taking out the trash, if I'm feeling ambitious.

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