Monday, December 19, 2011

Life Now

We're settling in to life as four. It seems like a constant cycle of feeding the baby, sleeping and working - Aaron and I take turns doing each. And throw a crazy two-year-old in there, too.

Going to Austin was awesome. Although getting through the airports with Declan was a traumatic experience that I have since blocked out, it was worth it to spend almost two weeks in my favorite city, with (most of) my favorite people. We did miss Aaron, but he joined us down there the day before Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful holiday. The drive back wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

Going back to work was easier than I expected, too. I thought that I would be super emotional about leaving Asher, but a few different factors made it less awful. One, I was leaving him with Aaron, who I know is a fabulous dad. Two, Asher is a fussy kid. By the time I went back to work, I was okay with having a break. Of course, I do miss him during the day, and when I get home and change out of my germy scrubs, I snatch him up out of his carseat to nurse and cuddle even if he's sleeping.

Work itself sucks. I'm out of the "groove," so to speak, and can't keep pace with my co-workers who I used to work fine with. I feel like others are having to pick up my slack, and if there's one thing I hate, it's being a burden to people. I just have to have faith that just like when I first started, I will slowly get faster and faster until I earn their respect back.

Declan and Asher are doing great. Declan is very two - misbehaving, not listening, trying to pick up the baby... Asher is getting less fussy. he now sleeps from 9-ish to 4-ish straight! Then I feed him before work, and he wakes up around 8 for Aaron.

Christmas is in 6 days! I always want to say that Christmas is the 24th, because my family always opens presents and has the most fun on Christmas Eve. This year we're going to Ronnette's for Christmas Eve. I'm excited for Declan to open his presents. He's finally old enough to *want* things - I can't wait for him to open his James. He calls James the "yeah choo choo" after a song in his train book that says "Hooray for James!"

Well, Declan just ate a mouthful of coffee creamer. looks like he may have snorted some, too. Time to put the computer down and make dinner, since he's apparently starving.

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Ashley said...

I hope you'll have lots of pics, 2 is the age of good and evil. I just hit the halfway point of this pregnancy and am apprehensive about life as 5! I miss you guys, so glad to see a blog post. Hope work gets better for ya!