Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smiles and Coos

Asher is three weeks, six days old. Hard to believe that tomorrow he will be four weeks old! He still seems so new.

With Declan, it's almost like I do things by muscle memory. Dressing him, changing his diaper, lifting him out of the tub - we have a set way to do everything, it all feels familiar. With Asher, every little thing is new.

The last few days, Asher has been smiling deliberately! It's adorable. When he's in an awake and happy mood, I get my face close to his and talk softly; he gets the biggest happy grin. It's adorable. He makes little talky noises, too.

I'm getting so excited about our trip to Austin! The suitcase is almost full already, and I haven't even packed any clothes for myself yet. Today I ordered Declan his own backpack and a magnadoodle to take on the plane.

In other news, Declan woke up with a terrible sounding cough. He hasn't coughed much the rest of the day, but his voice is raspy. Praying that whatever it is stays mild, goes away quickly, and doesn't get Asher!

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