Monday, June 29, 2009


1. Green pop-ice taste like summer. Other flavors may taste better, but for some reason, green tastes like the sun and the smell of dirt and pool water. 

2. My cousin Eric has Fifth's Disease. For him, this is a cold and a rash. For me, because I was in close contact with him while he was contagious, it means a trip to the doctor tomorrow to get my blood drawn. Then we'll see whether I'm already immune or currently infected. If I'm infected, I'm in trouble. Or rather, Declan's in trouble. Either way, we're both in for a slew of doctor's appointments and stress.

3. The guy that I met with at the temp agency today had the weakest handshake... It was disconcerting. He had an average build, well-toned arms, why the limp wrist? I don't know why I'm still thinking about this. Maybe to keep my mind off Fifth's Disease.

4. It's my grandma's 83rd birthday today! Too bad I have to work instead of going out to dinner with the fam. 

5. I babysat Gabriel and Nadia this morning, and the highlight of my day was when Gabriel forgot his chocolate pudding cup in my fridge. Score. I'm off to eat it now.

Friday, June 26, 2009


As requested by Keely, here are the pregnancy pics I've taken so far.

^ That's at 18 weeks, when the bump was just starting to grow. 

^ That's at 20 weeks (aka a month ago) right after we moved to Austin. This was also about when people could start telling that I'm with child (hehe) without me telling them. 

^ And that's tonight, at 24 weeks. Just 1 month after the last picture, and now I'm huge!! 
(Also note the embarrassing difference in skin color between my belly and my arm / face. This is because I read that exposing your belly to direct sunlight can put the baby in distress, since he can see now and all. So I'm not pale because I'm lazy, I'm pale because I'm a good mom and I cover my belly. The end.)

Keely also reminded me that we need to organize our trip to JKR, Julie! I know some less-than-savory characters are out there, but I personally think it would be worth it just to go swim in the Blue Hole / do the Wet Willy / go for a hike one day without interacting all that much with the staff. 

Last night I dreamt that I was in the staff lounge. It was actually pretty similar to break I had one day with Keely and Will - remember when we played Deathcab and napped and read magazines one day and no one else came in? It must have been toward the end of camp, because Will was a counselor... Back in the days when we floated around in the pool getting our pre-beach tans and snuck in the kitchen for one more cookie.

Once in a while I get nostalgic for camp. I think about the intense peace that I felt when I laid on the asphalt outside the staff lounge, watching the stars and talking on the phone. I miss feeling tall grass against my legs and that healthy, glowing feeling that you get when your arms and legs are taut and tan from a summer spent entirely outdoors. Now I just feel pasty and lethargic. 

But more often than not I'm praising the Lord that I'm not out there. It's way, way hot. And as tan as I would be, I'd also be really grossly sweaty. Ew. Also, pregnancy has made me the most impatient person ever. I can entertain children for about 5 minutes before I just give in to apathy and send them off to play by themselves.

Okay, I'm done. I'm rambling because Aaron's asleep and I'm wide awake and I wish I could tell him these things but he wouldn't understand, and besides, he's snoring like a cross between an asthmatic hog and a chainsaw running out of gas. 


Friday, June 12, 2009



Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Gift from the Gods

Until today, the only "typical pregnant woman" thing I'd done was throw big, emotional fits over small issues. But really, I do that anyway, so it hardly counts. 

But today, I could. not. stop thinking about chocolate ice cream.

Seriously, I was trying to read an article about circumcision (ew) and I couldn't focus because all I wanted was cold, sweet, ice cream in my mouth RIGHT THAT SECOND.

But Aaron doesn't approve of non-healthy eating while I'm preggo with his child, so I had to wait until he had gone to the gym (for the second time today, stupid healthy person). Then I snuck across the street to Randalls and bought a pint of Rocky Road and a pound of strawberries. 

I hauled ass back to the condo so fast that I almost got hit by a car, and I had a stitch in my side. I just could not wait to crack that baby open and dive in. Seriously, if I could swim in this stuff right now, I would. 

And now my hands are sticky and my face has chocolate freckles and I'm grinning like a madman, because that was my very first real, hardcore craving, and it feels so good.