Monday, June 29, 2009


1. Green pop-ice taste like summer. Other flavors may taste better, but for some reason, green tastes like the sun and the smell of dirt and pool water. 

2. My cousin Eric has Fifth's Disease. For him, this is a cold and a rash. For me, because I was in close contact with him while he was contagious, it means a trip to the doctor tomorrow to get my blood drawn. Then we'll see whether I'm already immune or currently infected. If I'm infected, I'm in trouble. Or rather, Declan's in trouble. Either way, we're both in for a slew of doctor's appointments and stress.

3. The guy that I met with at the temp agency today had the weakest handshake... It was disconcerting. He had an average build, well-toned arms, why the limp wrist? I don't know why I'm still thinking about this. Maybe to keep my mind off Fifth's Disease.

4. It's my grandma's 83rd birthday today! Too bad I have to work instead of going out to dinner with the fam. 

5. I babysat Gabriel and Nadia this morning, and the highlight of my day was when Gabriel forgot his chocolate pudding cup in my fridge. Score. I'm off to eat it now.

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