Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Gift from the Gods

Until today, the only "typical pregnant woman" thing I'd done was throw big, emotional fits over small issues. But really, I do that anyway, so it hardly counts. 

But today, I could. not. stop thinking about chocolate ice cream.

Seriously, I was trying to read an article about circumcision (ew) and I couldn't focus because all I wanted was cold, sweet, ice cream in my mouth RIGHT THAT SECOND.

But Aaron doesn't approve of non-healthy eating while I'm preggo with his child, so I had to wait until he had gone to the gym (for the second time today, stupid healthy person). Then I snuck across the street to Randalls and bought a pint of Rocky Road and a pound of strawberries. 

I hauled ass back to the condo so fast that I almost got hit by a car, and I had a stitch in my side. I just could not wait to crack that baby open and dive in. Seriously, if I could swim in this stuff right now, I would. 

And now my hands are sticky and my face has chocolate freckles and I'm grinning like a madman, because that was my very first real, hardcore craving, and it feels so good.

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keely said...

way to satisfy that craving :)