Friday, July 31, 2009

Lesson Learned

Dear Katherine, 

Today I took one of those secret trips to Randalls and I spent some time inspecting the bakery case. I learned a valuable lesson. The creme filled donuts are ovals, not rectangles. We should remember this for next time, so that we aren't so disappointed with our faux-eclairs-that-are-really-just-rectangle-donuts. And since I can't trust my brain to remember anything these days, you're in charge.

Love, Natalie

Dear Aaron,

If you got nosy, clicked the "Blog" bookmark, and read this post, you are probably thinking, "WHAT? She's been eating donuts? She's spending money, poisoning our child, and her butt practically has its own gravitational pull already!" Well, tonight's was only the third donut I've had in the past, like, year. Wait, that's not counting that one free sample at Walgreen's cosmetics counter (what was THAT about?). So, the fourth donut. And only two of those have been creme filled (should have been three, but one was the above mentioned faux-eclair.)

Anyway, my point is, when YOU complete twenty-nine weeks and one day of pregnancy without eating at least four donuts, THEN you can reprimand me. Also, besides the donut, I bought bananas, spinach, mixed veggies, and V8. So the donut is totally cancelled out. 

Love, Natalie

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Anonymous said...


You can totally eat as you wish- you are an adult that knows how to eat properly and obviously care about her Baby! So a donut everynow and then is well deserved!

When I get home you WILL enjoy your 5th donut because donuts here suck! They are a cross between bagels and donuts and it is just sad! So just know we have a donuts date my dear and Aaron will just have to talk to me about it!