Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Beach

I know I've already blogged today, but I just found out something else and it made me think.

JKR is on five day break. Which is so far from affecting me in any way this year that you all are probably saying, "Um, so?"

And you're right, their five-day has nothing to do with me. But it does bring up a few interesting thoughts in my mind. 

1. That means summer is halfway over. And I still haven't found a job, which means I fail at life. It feels like no time has passed since I moved down here. I'm not even unpacked all the way yet. But now that I know that five-day has started, there's no denying that time is passing. It's a milestone I wasn't ready for.

2. Exactly one year ago, Lauren was spending the night at my house, we were painting our toenails bright orange and watching The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, preparing ourselves for Port A. One year ago minus 24 hours, Lauren, Jeffrey, Joel and I were singing Hakuna Matata while shut in the pitch black closed bed of someone's (Kyle's?) truck, on our way back to the Travelodge from our beach bonfire. A year ago minus 48 hours, I was walking down the beach, holding hands with a stranger who would later tell me that I was perfect and that he wanted to move to Iowa to be with me... and then I would put my number in his iPhone and never see him again.

How times have changed. If you'd asked me a year ago, while we were sitting around the bonfire drinking Corona and smelling of smoke and saltwater, where I would be in July 2009, I would bet you $1,00,000 that I would have cried joyously, "Right here! With you! On the beach!" I would have run into the ocean with my dress on, jumped on the hotel beds, and played never-have-I-ever until dawn. 

And now I enjoy... stroller shopping? Nights in with my husband-to-be? How times have changed.

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keely said...

this is a very intriguing blog nat. i really do miss those days. you should write about our days at jkr and give a copy of it to me and julie :) you are a very good writer. or maybe we could each write our own accounts and share them. i miss you both. my jkr buddies. we have such a special bond.

i am so excited to hear declan is going to be a soccer player!! and my my you are looking with child!

jkr on the 23rd. i hope it makes me feel better.

oh and my little word to type in is

'DEDUCHE' hahaha its like deduce with a lisp. or calling someone the douche gangster style