Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm getting a 4D ultrasound! Friday at 3:30 we'll get to see exactly what Declan looks like. Little cheeks, little ears, and whose mouth will he inherit? Whose nose? I can't wait!

But before that, it's off to JKR for Team-Team Adventure 2009 (plus Declan). I can't wait for that, either, because it means hanging out with Julie and Keely, my favorites. And it means getting to go on the Wet Willy, swim in the river, and wear my Chacos! 

However, it will be pretty awkward... when I dropped Katherine off there in early June, I could (and did) suck my tummy in so that no one could tell that I'm with child. A month and half later, and there's not a chance that I could hide it. So I'm just gonna smile and nod. It will be totally worth the embarrassment, because I love camp and I love Team Team. 

Aunt Sue is in Mexico! It's so weird without her as my neighbor. Can't wait for August, so that I can have her back! But even more, I can't wait until September, so that Becky will be back, too, and I can have two neighbors (and a baby shower)! And even more than that, I can't wait until October, so that I can hold Declan in my arms rather than having him kick my internal organs 24/7!

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