Monday, July 13, 2009

Smitty, and Other Things

I spent Friday and Sunday handing out samples of barbeque at a Sam's Club - a less than glamourous job, but the owner of the barbeque company, Smitty, made it worth my while. He's a real, good ol' Texas boy - huge beer belly, strong Texas accent, full of corny jokes. He called me sweetheart, pumpkin, and goober, and gave me a huge box of barbeque to take home, saying, "I take care of those who take care of me!"

Today, two interesting things happened. 

Well, the first isn't interesting so much as just great. A neighbor of mine with a 2 year old boy stopped by with a big box of never-been-worn baby clothes. And we're not talking Target brand onesies, here, folks. I mean, tiny leather shoes from PediPed (2 pairs of Liam style), Baby Gap sweaters, and about 20 newborn-size diapers, amongst many other stylish baby goodies. I don't know if you've seen a newborn diaper, but they are ridiculously small. Scary small. 

Between the kindness of neighbors and my awe-inspiring clearance rack shopping skillz (yesterday at Kohl's - this, these, and these, all for under $10!!), Declan will be a well-dressed baby for sure.

Second weird thing of today: A long-lost friend of my aunt Sue just knocked at my door, then somehow, I ended up with her whole family in my house, using my bathroom and commenting on my furniture / floors / doorknobs. Seriously, it was bizarre. As they were leaving, her elderly mother gave me a hug, kissed me on the cheek, and said that she loves me. I didn't know what to say. My immediate, awkward reaction? "Oh, um, I love you, too? Have nice day!"

I sure hope that's the "kindness towards strangers" that Jesus says will get me into heaven. It felt like the grown-up thing to do, to invite the woman (Sue's friend) inside while she called Sue from my phone. I did not feel so grown up as I shut the door behind them and had a giggle fit because I just told an old woman that I love her. I still have some maturing to do, apparently. 

Eleven days until my birthday, and ninety-four days until my due date! Hoorah!


keely said...

you lucked out with those baby things! and yes declan will be a mighty handsome boy im sure :)

i cant wait to see you jul 23rd!!!!

Anonymous said...

how was this long lost person?

and marcey is crazy nice! Aren't you glad you moved back to Texas!

Anonymous said...

sorry... also known as who... I would love to blame that on spanish, but it is just fast typing!

Natalie said...

keely - i can't wait to see you either!!!

becky - her name is ann, she was friends with your mom when y'all lived in bryan? she thought i was you at first, then went on and on about how you and i could be twins... it was a strange experience to say the least.