Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three Months

Things that Declan can do that he couldn't do before:

- Throw things off of the changing table
- Scoot around on the floor by arching his back and pushing with his legs
- Laugh! Today he actually giggled when I blew a raspberry on his tummy
- Grab his toy keys and shake them
- Projectile spit on purpose - this happened today with the yucky vitamin drops
- Splash hard enough in the bath to get me soaking wet

It's the dawn of a new era... Baby is no longer a newborn, but a little person, who is learning things so fast it's mind boggling. Such as, "When I drop my toys on the floor while sitting in the high chair, Mommy will put them right back on the tray! So I can drop them over and over again to keep Mommy playing with me instead of cleaning the kitchen!"

I had so hoped we could hold off a little on learning that lesson.

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