Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to Bed

Funny story.

Today I was babysitting B, our 3-year-old neighbor. He loves to take all of the liquor bottles out of his parents' cabinet and organize them, talk about them, and just admire them in general. So he was doing that today, but he got frustrated because the plastic handle of tequila had a dent in it. He pushed the tequila away, picked up a different bottle, and announced, "I'm going back to bed, and I'm taking the Crown Royal with me!" And stomps off to his room.

I followed him in, and found him curled up in his toddler bed, hugging the bottle of Crown Royal.

So advanced.

Sometimes I feel like stomping off and going back to bed, too. (And sometimes I feel like curling up with a bottle of liquor, but everyone knows that babies are such a nuisance when they get drunk...) Today I laid down for an afternoon nap, but just as I got comfy and started to drift off, Declan was ready to get up and play. I even asked him nicely if I could take just a tiny power nap, 10 minutes - he said no. Well, he said "baahhgaaauuuoh," but that meant no.

I talked to Aaron. He's been holed up in his motel room all day, watching the WE channel and crying. No joke, he told me that himself. Apparently WE is having a marathon of some tearjerker show.

The baby is about to fall asleep again... I think we'll go for afternoon nap, attempt number two. Wish me luck.


Just Ashley said...

He looks so much like you when you were a baby! Also, you guys should come visit soon, we are moving into a different house this weekend, one that actually has room for people :) Miss y'all so much!

Natalie said...

My mom and I are trying to find a weekend to drive up soon! Miss you, too!