Monday, November 9, 2009

Week Three

I promise, someday, I'll get back to writing more than once a week! It's very rare that I have two free hands right now, and typing a whole blog post one-handed is just too frustrating. Right now the baby is sleeping in my lap, although I don't expect this to last long, since he 1) is not in motion, 2) cannot hear my heartbeat, and 3) does not have a boob in his mouth. Usually it takes at least one if not two of those things to get Declan to fall asleep and stay asleep.

The newborn stage is fading away... he's getting more awake and alert every day. And he's officially smiling at us! No more eye gunk, no more cord stump - my boy is growing up!

The most exciting development is that he's learned to roll from his tummy to his back! He's done it a couple of times now; I even caught it on camera once (see the two week video off to the right). On one hand, I'm thrilled, because that's a milestone that's not expected until 3 months or so. But on the other hand, I though that the era of "being able to put the baby down, look away for a second, and have them stay in the same place" would be significantly longer.

More later, the baby just startled and smacked himself in the face. That makes for a very unhappy (and apparently hungry?) baby.

Pics from week three:

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