Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Project White Christmas was a success.

We left at 11 pm on Sunday night, because Aaron couldn't sleep. We stopped at 6 am in Oklahoma City, got a room, and slept for 3 hours. At 10 am on Monday we continued our journey, and made it to Grinnell around 9 pm. What a long day!

Declan loved Aaron's dad, Kevin. As soon as he held him, Declan started babbling up a storm and smiling non stop. We visited tons of friends and relatives, with whom Declan played favorites - for some people he would smile and coo, for others he would do nothing but scream. Oh well. He also got tons of presents; teddy bears, books, rattles, clothes, even a car seat. His favorite toy so far is a plush froggie that has a big embroidered smile - he sees the frog smiling and he smiles back at it!

Lots of cookies and a few ham balls later, the festivities were over with, and we all packed up to make the trek back to Texas. This time, we set realistic goals for driving, and it went much smoother. We left around noon, and stopped about 7:30 pm in Witchita. Then we had some mexican food and a good night's sleep, and got on the road again at 9 am. We here home by 7 pm! It was much, much nicer than leaving in the middle of the night.

Anyway, it feels great to be home. I had a rather traumatic doctor's appointment yesterday (biopsy of my cervix) but then we went to Mom and Dad's and had a beautiful rib roast and leftover Christmas cookies. Mmm. And Aaron and I have decided that after we clean the house, we will reward ourselves with a Scrabble tournament - Katherine gave us our own set for Christmas! But the house is in total shambles, so Scrabble may not happen until 2010.

Pictures of Christmas journey:

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Just Ashley said...

Y'all make a beautiful family! So glad Christmas went well. We are going to find a way to meet up, whether here or there, so I can see that baby (and Aaron, and of course you!)