Thursday, October 7, 2010

One-Year Postpartum Body Check

So it's been just about a year since my body went through a major trauma - childbirth. I'm running a systems check. And whenever I feel like I want another baby in the next 3 or so years, I can ready this, and motivate myself to hold off.

- Difference in pounds between February 2009 (8 weeks pregnant) and now: +10.
- Difference in pounds between October 2009 (40 weeks pregnant) and now: -25.

- Same.

- Have returned to pre-baby size, but a vastly different shape. At least all of my cute bras fit again!

- Looks like Freddy Kreuger's face. Also saggy. But better than a few months ago. I'm hoping in another year it will bounce back even further.

- 1/2 size bigger. Stupid.

So that's that. Still feeling anxious / sad / resentful about this big birthday that's coming up. Of course I'm excited, too, mostly for Declan - he's learning so much, walking so well, having so much fun. I know that the next year is going to be a big hilarious adventure.

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