Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Other Side of the Birthday

Well, that's it, he's one! No going back now :)

We had a good time celebrating, and it's not over yet. Sunday night we had a party at our house for Aaron's dad's family. Just pizza, cake, and presents. Nothing fancy. On Tuesday (the birthday) it was just me and Declan, chilling out and playing with his new toys. This coming Saturday, we'll have a party with Aaron's mom's family, out at their place.

I am really glad that this birthday didn't work out the way I'd hoped. If it had, I'd be way more stressed and way more broke. Know what we ended up getting him for his birthday? A board book from the dollar store and a 99 cent playground ball. Yup. And guess what his favorite present from his whole birthday is? The 99 cent ball. He and Bruce chase that ball around the house all day long.

But not tonight, because the poor one-year-old is running a fever. He is such a mess right now. Fever, ear infection, runny nose, teething, super gross blowout diapers, angry red diaper rash - it's times like these that really test your confidence in your parenting skills. And I KNOW it's all connected somehow. Like, the teething somehow lowered his immune system, he caught a cold which gave him the ear infection, and one of those things is causing the diarrhea, which is definitely causing the diaper rash. Or something like that.

Anyway, I can't wait for all of those things to disappear so that I can have my happy one-year-old back.

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