Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sick With a Capital S

Boy, we have been through the wringer this past week with Declan's ear infection. The Friday after his birthday, we went back to the doctor, and the infection did not seem to be getting better with the amoxicillin, so he was prescribed Sulfamethoxazole. Saturday evening, I noticed some hive-like red dots on his lower back, but blew them off as a heat rash because he was dressed warmly and running around outside. He gets heat rashes easily, no big deal. When I got home from work on Sunday, he was covered in spots. Literally covered, head to toe.

We called the doctor, he said to stop using the Sulfamethoxazole, Declan must be allergic to Sulfas. Okay... so then on Tuesday he was prescribed a new antibiotic, Cefdinir. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one kicks that infection in the butt. Because during this whole ordeal, Declan has been running high fevers on and off (102-103).

I am so ready to have a healthy kid again!

Grandma emailed me the other day, and a good half of her letter was about the various illnesses that my extended family is dealing with. I don't know if it's being a parent or being an adult or what, but it seems like I'm hyper-aware of every single little bug that's going around. Coworkers mention that their kid has such-and-such symptoms, and I'm like, "Oh, yep, that's what so-and-so had last week, it should be gone in 3 days. Now please go bathe in Purell because I don't want your germs."

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