Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, What?

Declan's new favorite thing is not listening.

A few seconds ago:

Declan, reaching for the knicknacks on top of the bookcase
Mama: "No, Declan."
Declan looks over his shoulder and grins, reaches higher and grabs the owl
Mama: "Declan, NO NO. Leave it there."
Declan pulls the owl down with a squeal of delight
Mama: "DECLAN RIVER. I said NO."
Declan, turning around to face mama: "Wha dis?"
Mama: "Declan, give me that. That's a no no."
He holds the owl out and toddles over, like, "Oh, what? You want this owl? Okay! Well, it's a good thing I got it down for you, Mom."

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