Friday, March 26, 2010


Sorry I've slacked. Life has been crazier than usual.

Aaron was planning to come down and get us yesterday, pack up today, and we'd all drive up to Iowa tomorrow and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, Aaron ate at a not-so-reputable Chinese buffet on Monday night, and fell terribly ill with food poisoning. Then to top it all off, he wrecked his truck yesterday morning trying to avoid a deer while he ran to get medicine. He's not hurt, but the truck sure is.

So now we have a huge repair bill, a sick man, and no way to move to Iowa. At least not until we save up a bunch of money so that my dad can rent a truck and drive us up there. Or until Memorial Day, when Aaron has a three-day weekend.

So send some prayers / positive thoughts to my sick puppy up in Iowa. He's feeling very discouraged right now.

The good part of this debacle is that I'm in Austin for a while longer. I get to spend Easter with my family, and the prettiest time of the year in Texas. So lets make plans, have a picnic, take advantage of my unexpected extension!

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