Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Favorite Things

In spite of my totally jangled nerves, lately I've been really good at remembering to take time and appreciate the things that are not going wrong in my life. Thought I'd share.

My Favorite Moments Of Each Day:

-- Our morning routine: half-wake to baby stirring, pull him close to nurse and cuddle. Fall back asleep. Wake up later because he's kicking me in the stomach, babbling "ABABABAMAMAMA!" Haul myself out of bed, put on a shirt, potty, brush my bangs into a hairdo fit for a sane person, brush my teeth. Go get Declan from the bed, who acts like he's never been happier to see someone in his life. Diaper change, kisses, plop baby into Exersaucer. Make breakfast, eat, retrieve baby, start day!

-- Taking off restrictive clothing at bedtime. Seriously, there is no better feeling. (I obviously don't get out much.)

-- Carrying a dead-to-the-world baby to bed, crawling in next to him, and pulling the comfy comforter over us. (Hmm... so far all of my favorite moments involve the bed. I do love me some sleep...)

-- Baby bathtime. He was in a terrible, cranky mood this evening, so I stuck him in a bath. All smiles! Got him out... back to crying. He was just too tired.

-- Kisses. This isn't really "a moment" because it happens at least 20 times a day, but my heart leaps every time Declan dives for my face and slobbers all over it. Baby kisses will never get old.

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