Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tough Guy

Declan just had his four-month checkup! Yes, I know he's already five months old. We've been trying to sort out insurance and pediatricians, on top of the moving-to-iowa fakeout, so he's a little behind on doctor's appointments.

He's 20.3 pounds. Twenty point three. Wow. I mean, I know I was guessing he was twenty pounds, but for it to be real... He's huge! And 27 inches long. That means he's in the 90th percentile for height, and off the charts for weight. Woo hoo!

Declan was so cute at the appointment. When the doctor came in he was sitting up by himself on the exam table, and he gave the biggest smile. Dr. Getman said, "Well, I'm happy to see you, too!" He passed all of the baby tests with flying colors. The doctor said that he was very strong for his age. Aaron would be so proud.

Dr. Getman said "The only problem you're gonna have with him..." and my heart dropped. He finished, "Is that people are going to ask why he's not doing things that an older baby should be doing, because of his size. You'll be asked why he doesn't have teeth, or why he's not crawling, but he's only five months old. He shouldn't be doing those things yet. He just looks like he should!" This is true. I even find myself doing it. I mean, he's practically the size of a toddler; sometimes I look at him and think, Why are you acting like such a little baby? Oh, wait. You totally are a little baby. Sorry.

Then the nurse came in and gave him two shots, and he barely cried at all. Just kinda whimpered. My tough little man. I strapped him back in the carrier for our trip home, and he immediately fell asleep. All that showing off takes a lot out of a kid, I guess.

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