Monday, April 12, 2010

Calm and Collected I Am Not

Top Five Nerve Wracking things I've done in the last six months:

5. Go canoeing with Declan on my lap
4. Pinch the baby's nipple in the pacifier clip
3. Survive Declan's first bad cold
2. Deal with a horrible, blistery diaper rash on my 1-week-old
1. Give Birth

So number five happened today (and bumped "Getting pooped on while trying to change a diaper in the car" to number 6). It really wasn't that bad once Declan fell asleep in my arms, but my crazy mom brain was going nuts with worries. Is he getting sunburned? Is his hat going to fly off? What if he flings himself backwards hard enough that we tip over? What if when I'm swimming to shore, holding him over my head, my feet get tangled in seaweed and we both DROWN?!

He had a lifejacket on (which he haaated, but of course I wasn't about to take it off of him) so I wasn't going quite as berserk as I might have otherwise. But it was still a relief to hand him off to Uncle David when the canoe landed on shore.

In other news, we're going to Mount Pleasant! I've been trying to finagle a trip up there for months, but my family has always been too busy and / or forgets to call and make arrangements. But now it's official, next weekend Declan will take his second ever out-of-town trip! I can't wait to see everyone up there.

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Just Ashley said...

and we cannot wait to see you and especially can't wait to play with DECLAN!!! I am oh-so-excited to finally see him in person!!