Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby's First Stomach Flu

We've been through a heck of a week here at the little white house. At the end of last week, Aaron came down with some weird tummy bug... but he's forever having tummy issues, so I kind of blew it off. I mean, I could name five things off the top of my head that Aaron ate that day that could have made him puke (a whole box of graham crackers, raw eggs, a half gallon of milk, questionable leftovers, outdated hot sauce... I could go on.)

But then, in the wee hours of Monday morning, I woke up to vomit on my shoulder, courtesy of Declan. Change the sheets, stay up with him for a while, back to sleep. He seemed fine, except some weird messy diapers here and there.

And THEN, Tuesday night, I woke up from an afternoon nap with Declan and felt super queasy - BAM. It hit me hard. I was head-in-the-toilet for hours. And Declan thought it was the funniest thing. He stood there beside me, laughing, pulling my hair, patting my back, trying to reach in and play with the potty water... hey, Mommy was playing in the potty, why couldn't he?

But we're through it, it's over, and I'm glad. I don't know how parents deal with any sickness longer than 24 hours. Of their own, I mean. Sick kids, they're a pain. You feel bad for them and cuddle them. Sick parents? They still have to do all the work! I had to boil raviolis and heat up veggies for Declan while gagging and heaving. I had to get him ready for bed, put him to sleep, brush his teeth... Before Declan, I would have just been curled up miserably on the bathroom floor all night.

On a happier note, we're all starting to get really excited for our trip to Austin! Aaron's dad has ever-so-generously offered to drive us to and from Kansas City, so we changed our flights - we're now arriving in Austin at 5:30 pm on Christmas Eve!!

Aaron's requirements for the trip are - watching football, sleeping in, The Salt Lick, playing with Daisy, and lots of cookies. My requirements are - spending lots of time with family and friends. Luckily, I think that all of these things are probable!

I have a very tired baby who only took one nap today, for less than an hour. Off to bed!

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