Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Small Things

- We're pretty much well again... finally. I had a tonsillitis flare-up for a few days, but they're back down to normal. Declan still pulls at his ears, but no more runny nose and we finished the antibiotics tonight. Friday we go back to the doctor to see if all of the fluid is gone from behind his eardrum.

- I am so excited that it hit 70 degrees today, November 9th! Like Texas all over again. But I heard that we're in for snow in the next couple of weeks, once this heat wave moves through. Darn.

- Work is crazy hectic, but I still like it. Every once in a while it hits me how valuable all of the adult interaction I get at work is to me. This time last year, I was basically a shut in. I would have killed to just casually chat with a group of friends for a few hours every day.

- Also at work, we have FIVE pregnant women. Well, one is the wife of a male employee, but he's having a baby, so that counts. They say births and deaths come in threes, so everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for a sixth to make the announcement. It will NOT be me, but I'm excited to see who it is! (Although that rule of three thing hasn't held true at all from what I've seen.)

- The dad on Raising Hope (which is my pick for best new TV show this year) is really hot. The mom is very pretty. The son, eh. The dad? Yeeeeah.

- Tickets are booked for Christmas! Flying from Kansas City to Austin on December 24th, arriving at 8:45 pm. Austin to Kansas City on December 31st, leaving in the afternoon, I don't remember the time exactly.

-Now Declan is throwing a giant screaming fit because I won't let him have a SIXTH graham cracker. Jeez.

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