Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Hi

Declan is going through an adorable phase of saying "Oh, hi!" all the time. We wake up in the morning to baby breath on our faces, Declan's eyes an inch away from ours - "OH HI MAMA DADA HI DADADA HI!"

We're moving into the new house on the 17th. Yay! I love fresh starts. And I hate this house. So it's win-win.

Work is good, but crazy. Working with a bunch of girls can get old. The speed of gossip in that place is amazing or disgusting, depending on which side of the gossip you're on. ESPECIALLY regarding pregnancy. We have six pregnant girls (out of about 30 total) and everyone is *obsessed* with figuring out who's next. I have been asked about twenty times in the last two days if I'm preggo.

Nope. Just too much Thanksgiving food, people. Leave me alone.

On a happier note, thing's I'm loving right now:

Raising Hope.
Christmas shopping.
Planning for the new house.
Plain White T's "Rhythm of Love".
The Boden and MiniBoden catalogs that arrived today.
Getting back to writing again (I was up til midnight last night, starting a new story. It felt wonderful!).
My Pandora station that I have customized so much that I'm thumbs-upping EVERY song.
Teaching Declan to catch snowflakes on his tongue.
Whole wheat chocolate chip waffles.

Oh yuck. Why is everyone in love with this stupid song that's on Glee? "Time of my Life?" Give me a break. I mean I love me some Glee, but this song is cheesy and overdone.

Way to ruin my happy list!

Better redeem yourselves with the next song, New Directions!

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