Tuesday, November 9, 2010


(Relatively) late night nostalgia.

My favorite eras of the past 2 years.

Christmastime, 2008 - Home from college, sleeping late, staying up later, talking to Aaron on the phone allll the time, seeing friends, basking in family.

Late summer, 2009 - I hated bedrest while I was on it, but now it sounds like a dream. Lounging at the pool, on Sue and Becky's couch, watching Dexter snuggled on the futon, feeling Declan squirm in my belly.

Late winter, Early spring 2010 - Getting into a fabulous routine, babysitting Beck, walking to the store, jamming to KGSR, nursing, watching the baby blossom

The past couple of months, 2010 - Even better schedule, steady job, a walking, babbling, clapping, laughing toddler! Cuddling up in bed at night after splashing in the bath.

Right now. A sleepy baby pointing to (read: poking) my eyes, nose, mouth, ears, as I write.

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