Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Wonder.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that people might be annoyed with you, but you can't figure out what you've done?

I've been getting that feeling at work the past few days.

Part of me thinks that everyone is just tired and kind of in bad moods in general, but the self-conscious side of me is like, "What did I do?!"

It's very disconcerting to smile at someone in the hallway and not have them smile back. Or to try and add something to a conversation only to be ignored.

Maybe I should take a talking hiatus. It seems like everyone likes the quiet people who are good listeners. Which is usually me, but I really thought I was making friends with a lot of these girls, so I felt more comfortable showing my talkative side. I'm still a good listener, though.

It makes the day go so much longer to just work in silence. But I'll try it out on Thursday and see if people are nicer.

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