Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weeks Thirteen & Fourteen

Pregnancy week 13: April 6-13, 2011
Pregnancy week 14: April 13-20, 2011

Symptoms: Peeing a ton, belly growing a lot, still kinda tired but with bursts of energy

I'm combining these weeks not because I forgot to post, but because not much is happening at this point. The nausea is gone, I'm less tired... I guess it's all a part of beginning the (glorious) second trimester!

With Declan, the "magical" mark was closer to 10 weeks, but I think that's also because I had so much less to do. A couple hours of class per day (at which I sat down and listened), then eating, lounging, and spending time with Aaron. Life is polar opposite these days. 8.5 hours of hard, physical work, then all day taking care of a high-energy, needy toddler.

I think back fondly on the days when I only had to worry about myself, and what *I* wanted to eat, etc. And don't get me wrong, by "think back fondly," I don't mean I'd like for it to be that way again. I just mean that I regret taking those days for granted while they lasted!

At my appointment on Friday the 8th, I heard the baby's heartbeat - what a relief! I love that woosh-woosh-woosh sound. It never ceases to be amazing and beautiful. The doctor said I was measuring right on track, everything seems to be going fine. Whew.

People have started commenting on my belly - and I love it. I can't wait to have a nice rounded belly and to feel all those kicks and rolls. Of course I'd love that anyway, but I think the fact that I thought (multiple times) that I was losing this baby makes me savor the belly and the pregnancy in general even more.

Speaking of kicks and rolls, I've been feeling flutters! I actually think I felt the first one a few days before my appointment, so, right around the 12 weeks mark. But they were teeny, tiny flutters, and I wasn't even *positive* that it was the baby. But now, I'm positive! Little bitty kicks and flutters. I love it.

2.5 more weeks until my next appointment, at which we'll schedule the BIG ultrasound! They won't do it until 18 weeks. So I am aiming for having it done THE morning that I turn 18 weeks, Wednesday, May 18. But it will have to be at just the right time, since Aaron will have to work the night before and that day. So if not then, we'll aim for anytime on Friday the 20th. I can't wait!

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