Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week Fifteen

Pregnancy Week 15: April 20-27, 2011

Symptoms: Peeing more, belly growing, kinda tired and moody, feeling baby move more

Not much to report this week regarding the pregnancy. Seems like my belly is really starting to pop lately - I know that I should start taking pictures, but I never feel like I look nice enough to want to document it.

Declan is officially one and a half, which is cool.

We had a fun Easter, despite me having to work all weekend. On Friday, we had Declan's spring pictures taken at O'Connor's (Aaron is picking them up as I type), then we went to the outlet mall and got him some clothes, including a cute easter outfit - new jeans and a light blue button-down from Old Navy.

Saturday, Aaron brought Declan up to St. Francis for their easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, it started at 10:00 and Aaron got there at 10:03... and all the eggs were gone. A kind coworker had her 2-year-old daughter give Declan a couple of her eggs, although he didn't seem to care too terribly much. He was more excited to just run around entertaining the residents and dancing.

On Sunday I worked until 2, then got home and had an awesome, long, relaxing bath while Declan napped. We drove to Knoxville and had Easter dinner at Ronnette's house with her parents, kids, and grandkids. Mmm, hamballs. Ha. We also hunted easter eggs there, and Declan didn't do too shabby, thanks to everyone pointing out eggs and leading him to them. If left to his own devices, he would have just picked up one egg, opened it, and been distracted by the candy.

So that was Easter.

We also talked a little bit about baby names in the car one day. We only talked boy names, because apparently that's where our strongest disagreements lie. Aaron nixed my entire list, including the name that he had said yes to just a couple months ago, Archer. Boo. Now he's stuck on Urijah, Keegan, Hunter, Magnus... Oh, I don't even remember them all. I know that Meadow (for a boy), Willow (for a boy), Brick, Stone, and Wolf were thrown in there. After a while I just gave up and dropped the subject. We'll wait until we know the sex, THEN we'll argue.

Speaking of knowing the sex, only three more weeks (hopefully!)


Ashley said...

all i can think of hearing Urijah is Urijah Faber from UFC. Im probably spelling it wrong but i thought that was kinda funny (we love us some UFC in this house lol)

Natalie said...

That's where Aaron got the name! He's a huge UFC fan.