Friday, September 16, 2011


The countdown is on... 33 days until my due date, 14 days until we move to our new house.


Our landlord called last week and informed us that she had sold the house we're renting, and we'd have to be out by the first of October. this all turned out to be a big lie - she didn't sell it, she's renting it to a friend of her son's who needs a place. Anyway, long story short, we have to move. And we want to move, rather than deal with a shady landlord who is screwing us over.

The next day, we went all out househunting. We called every real estate office in town, every apartment complex, any friends we could think of who might know of an open rental. The problem here in small-town Iowa is that not many people rent out their houses. It's either crappy apartments or you buy.

But, against the odds, we managed to find a nice-ish duplex that we could move into on the 30th. Done. Lease signed, deposit paid. All within 24 hours of getting the call from our landlord that we had to move! I was proud of us.

The new place is about the same size as this house, but the space is split up very differently. Instead of two small bedrooms, we will have three medium sized ones. The new bathroom is at least twice as big as the old one (thank God, this one is a *closet*.) And we have a laundry room right there off the hallway instead of having to throw things in the basement (which I thought was a good idea at first, but "out of sight, out of mind" is not a good thing when it comes to mountains of laundry.) The kitchen is about the same size, but there's no dining room - the kitchen is just open to the living room, instead. We will have to see if our table and chairs fit in there without making it too hard to maneuver in the kitchen.

Pros of the new house: One car garage. Management company handles all repairs, lawn care, and snow removal. Three bedrooms. Cons: No more central heat & air. Not sure if all the furniture will fit.

Anyway, we're getting ready to move. And my biggest stress right now is Asher's room. Because we have the space, we've decided that we're getting a crib. And if you get a crib, you have to get a mattress. And sheets. And a bumper. And a skirt. The list goes on. I mean, we already had a shopping list of things to buy for baby. This just added at least $250 to that.

I do have everything picked out, though. The crib, mattress, bumper and sheets can be ordered online to be shipped for free to my local Walmart. As for the rest of the nursery... I guess it will just happen over time. We certainly can't afford to decorate it completely right off the bat, but I do want to at least have the crib set up for him when he comes. Which means, basically, as soon as we're moved in, we'll order it.

So that's what's going down. Moving houses at 9 months pregnant. No stress or anything. :)

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