Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's Left

In the next 6 weeks:

Talk to work about maternity leave (Thursday)
Pack a hospital bag (35 weeks)
Organize clothes (36 weeks)
Install carseat (37 weeks)
Clean like crazy! (Start Oct. 1)

Shopping list:

Baby tub
Baby bath stuff
Carseat cover
Breastmilk bags

I have quite a bit left to buy, but nothing that we can't swing by Walmart for if he happens to surprise us before we buy it. Plus Lindsey (my sister-in-law) has plans to do a basket shower at work, so I want to see what I get in there before I go buy some of the little stuff like pacis, bath stuff, and bottles.

The carseat cover and humidifier are the most expensive things... and I think they'll both take quite a bit of convincing with the hubby. But really, the carseat cover will be so helful when it's cold here, and the humidifier we'll end u buying when he gets his first cold anyway, might as well buy it now before it's an "emergency."

As far as the to-do list, I've been procrastinating on talking to work. i really want to take Declan off my insurance and onto Hawk-I, but it looks like that may not happen before maternity leave. We shall see.

Later. Got so momentarily stressed about getting Declan on Hawk-I that I went ahead and applied... but looking at the income limits, we're not under them. So we don't qualify anyway, at least not using my pay BEFORE deductions. Ugh. After deductions (AKA, $199 out of every paycheck for our freakin' insurance) we're a lot poorer than we look on paper.

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