Monday, September 20, 2010

Eleven Month Update

Blog redesign! Why? Because I caved and got a Formspring (, and I linked it to my blog, and I had to make it nice and bright around here juuust in case I get more traffic!

Anyway, Declan is officially eleven months and one day old. And he is getting so freaking smart. Just earlier, I was opening the bathroom door (which we keep closed because Bruce is a total trash-hound so the garbage is in there) and carrying Declan (because God knows he has to go everywhere Mommy goes) and he reached out and knocked on the door and said, "Dadadada!" He must have seen me knock on the door while Aaron is showering (captive audiences are the best!) one too many times.

He loves to make motorboat sounds with his lips, he can take up to (but not more than) five steps by himself, he eats all day long, and he's still crazy about bathtime.

His nose scab fell off today :)

Still working on planning his party. I have given up the ordering-super-cute-themed-decorations idea, because it was just going to cost too much money. I'll try and con Aaron into going to a party store sometime, so that I don't have to resort to Walmart paper plates.

Also, family that's reading this, will you put Aaron and me in the name draw for Christmas, and let me know when you draw names? And can we (you) do it kinda soonish? Because there's not that many paychecks before Christmas. Yikes!

More importantly, the new season of House premieres tonight.


Beckers0413 said...

I will let the fam know, and by that I mean my sister and mom, but I think that is good enough for now. I did not know you were coming for Christmas! Yay! What about Thanksgiving?

Natalie said...

We're up here for Thanksgiving, because the only way my boss would give me five days at Christmas is if I work ALL the other holidays. Boo. But I'll see you in December!