Wednesday, September 29, 2010

End of the Road

Our days of taking long walks, playing at the park in the evening, and hanging out in the yard with the neighbors are numbered. I feel it in my bones. There's a cold breeze at night, and even during the day, it's not exactly shorts-and-t-shirt weather.

I know it's super early to start whining about this, but I just hate winter. I hate not being able to comfortably spend time outside. I hate having to think about my outfits more than "Is this sundress clean? No? This one? No? Well does it smell okay? Yes? Okay. On it goes."

Declan and I both have bad colds right now. Between that and PMS, I woke up the worst mood EVER. It's a good thing I was off today, because I would have been useless at work. My head is throbbing and full of snot, and my tonsils are rubbing against each other and feel like sandpaper. I can't blame Declan for being fussy, if he feels how I do. I'm fussy, too.

Aaron was kinda sick yesterday, but he felt much better today, and he was such a good sport while I was wallowing in self-pity / kleenex / fleece blankets and being extremely lazy this morning. He definitely had plenty of ammo to start an argument, but he was super nice and kept Declan mostly entertained so that I could vegetate on the couch.

So in return, I got off of my ass this afternoon, went to the grocery store, cleaned out the fridge, and did like five loads of laundry. There are still dirty dishes in the sink, but hey, I have to leave something for him to do, right?

I'm about ready to brush my teeth and crawl into bed next to my snoring snuggle bug. Tomorrow I will try to upload the video I took of him tonight - right after he got out of the bath, we were playing patty cake (he usually just claps the whole time, while I do all of the other motions) and he decided to join in on the "roll it" part! So cute. The video also has him making out with Bruce, and some walking. Yay!

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