Monday, March 21, 2011

Week Nine

Pregnancy Week 9: March 9-16, 2011

Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, some nausea, a little extra peeing

Week Nine. Sigh. Time seems to be dragging.

I thought that my nausea was over, but it's back with a vengeance tonight. Shouldn't have eaten that pot roa... oh, I can't even type it.

Declan has been such a pill lately. He loves to climb all over me, jump on me, hit, pull hair, throw toys, stick fingers up my nose... And I have no idea what to do. I can only redirect so many times - he just comes straight back at me for another beating. And my patience is so small these days. Sometimes I just break down crying because I honestly feel like he KNOWS that it's driving me crazy, and is just being a bully. Of course when I cry, he laughs. I know deep down that this is normal toddler stuff. I just wish Declan could somehow grasp the concept of "leave Mommy alone for a few minutes so that she can breathe!"

We do have our good moments. He can be very cuddly and huggy and sweet. I just haven't seen very much of the sweet Declan in the past few days. I miss him.

The best part of this week was Mom and Katherine coming to visit! I was so happy that my "morning" sickness was gone, so that we could eat freely. However, my fatigue seemed to hit extra hard - the first night they were here, I fell asleep in the recliner at like 8 pm. I felt bad that I had so little energy, but they were very understanding.

Looking forward to week 10. Then it's Intelligender time!

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