Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week Nineteen

Week Nineteen of Pregnancy: May 18-25, 2011

Symptoms: Tired, random & unpleasant waves of emotion (ie, suddenly wanting to cry for no apparent reason!)

Despite my whiny symptoms, we've had a pretty good week. Last weekend the weather was nice, so we had our first cookout - Lindsey and her kids came over and we set up a badminton net, plus Aaron took the boys to the store for food and came home with water guns :) So we grilled and played and talked until it got dark. It was extremely relaxing and satisfying. Spending fun time with family makes me not so homesick.

After that, though, the weather's been rather gloomy and cold. I had to wear two jackets to walk to work this morning. Of course, my intolerance to the slightest cool breeze is also to blame, but seriously, it was chilly. I'm hoping this coming weekend is nice, since Aaron has four days off. Maybe we'll finally get to go on that family hike / picnic that I've been daydreaming of, before I get too uncomfortable to hike.

Speaking of uncomfortable, I've started noticing little things that remind me of what it's like to actually have a BIG belly. Like when I walk to work, toward the end I start to get out of breath - that never happened before. And I keep bumping my belly on stuff at work because I'm not used to it sticking out. I know I'll look back on this in 20 weeks or so and be like, "HA! You thought it was big then??"

Now I'm off to peruse the Pottery Barn Kids catalog I got today and torture myself by looking at BOTH the slue and the pink stuff! (Only 8 more days...)

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