Friday, June 3, 2011


That's right, Declan is going to have a baby brother!

I am so excited. I thought that I would be less excited for a boy than a girl, but I am honestly super pumped right now. They will be best buddies! Plus, we can reuse all of the cute clothes that Declan only got to wear a few times! Haha.

Here is my very favorite picture of Baby Brother:

His profile looks a lot like Declan's did, but I can see the differences, too. Declan's forehead was a little different... Lower maybe? And Baby Brother's nose has a little more of a turn-up to it, more like his Mama's did as a baby :) Maybe this will be my blue-eyed boy, too! Here is a comparison of Declan's ultrasound pic (18 weeks along, May 2009) and Baby Brother's (20 weeks along, June 2011).

Now we have to get down to the naming battle, because it is very weird to know that he is a boy, but not be able to call him by name. It may be a long road, since Aaron and I have such different taste. I wouldn't be surprised if we took multiple names to the hospital with us (although that would NOT be my preference, I like knowing his name beforehand!)

I can't wait to meet my new baby boy!

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