Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week Twenty-One

Week Twenty-One of pregnancy: June 1-8, 2011

Symptoms: Itchy belly, a little nesting

As you already know, it's a boy!! I am so excited. We have it narrowed down to 3 names for Baby Brother: Archer, Holden, and Jonah. I think it will end up being Archer, but we have to go through the whole bureaucracy of voting and compromising.

I am way more pumped than I expected about having a boy. And my immense excitement and happiness is making it hard for me to deal with other people, who seem disappointed, or expect me to be disappointed.

Take Aaron for example. He admitted that he would have liked a girl better. He went on to say that he's having trouble thinking of this baby as anything other than an expense. And that he felt he'd have trouble not favoring Declan. I got so sad! I love this little baby so much already, I can't imagine other people not loving him the same way. Especially his dad!

Friends and coworkers, upon finding out that it's a boy, have given me sad puppy faces and asked "how I'm dealing with it." WTF? It's my CHILD. He's my SON. No one asked if I was disappointed that Declan was a boy, everyone was excited right along with me. I think that, amongst women especially, the pressure to have a baby girl is huge. Or maybe I'm imagining that because I'd love to have a baby girl someday. But that day is NOT now or in October, and that's FINE. Gah, I just want to wear a sign around my neck saying "I'm having another baby boy, and I'm excited about it. You can be, too!"

Rant over. Change subject.

Our swing is here!! I'm way more into this swing than is normal. Click here to see it. So cute, right? It's super soft, too. I was worried that it would be too girly for a boy (I bought it before we knew), but it's really perfectly unisex, leaning boyish, if anything. Mostly cream & brown, with some green. I set it up already, a decision which I may well regret, considering our rambunctious toddler. But I couldn't resist!

I also bought a few outfits last Friday, and made an order with The Children's Place today (they're having a semi-annual sale) which included 4 pairs of socks, a sleeper, and a pair of jeans for Baby Bro. An online mom friend of mine is sending us all of her son's old newborn stuff, free of charge. I'm not going to get my hopes up about it, since everyone has different taste, but we should get at least a few usable things out of it!

Declan is lounging on the floor right now, playing with his bellybutton and watching Sesame Street. If it stays hot today (it's been 95+ for the last two days!) we're planning on heading to the pool this afternoon! But scattered t-storms are predicted, so we may end up with a trip to the playground, if it's cloudy. Mama doesn't do swimming if it's below 90 or cloudy. :)


Ashley said...

Mike was kind of the same way about the expense thing etc. but it was just one of those fleeting things that goes out the window the minute the baby is born. He won't favor one (although in my case i realized that if i had had Marissa first, that may have been veery effective birth control lol). And everyone else is just being annoying. If it helps at all, I am super excited and anyone i know that has all boys says they wouldn't trade it for anything. Love you guys very much. Do you have Skype? If so, this is something we need to do!

Ashley said...

I meant Aaron won't favor one over the other, sorry. Just finished a 7 days stretch at work with overtime, brain is no good.

Natalie said...

Thanks for your comment Ashley. I am hoping that he will fall head over heels for this baby once he's born just like he did with Declan.

We would love to Skype you guys! I'm sure your schedule is much busier than mine, so just let me know over FB or text me when you have some free time and we'll try and get on.