Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week Twenty-Four

Week 24 of pregnancy: June 22-29, 2011

Symptoms: Nothing new, lots of baby kicks and rolls!

I had a doctor's appointment today, which was pretty boring other than the fact that I've finally gained weight (8 lbs!)

But what's exciting to me is that my next appointment (the NEXT one!) is the glucose tolerance test! Which means I'll be in my third trimester! And that appointment will mark the beginning of my every-two-weeks appointments! That's just crazy.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, because I that magical appointment is still four weeks away, but I have a feeling that the month of July is going to fly by. I mean, Monday is the 4th of July already! Then we have a couple of weeks that I'm *hoping* will be filled with trips to the pool (and buying our double stroller!) before our "big" vacation to Omaha. And then it's appointment time! I just know it's going to be here in the blink of an eye.

The other big news in our lives is that Declan had to get stitches in his chin - poor baby! The neighbor kid was mowing and ran over an old motorcycle kickstand, it flew straight into Declan's chin where he was standing by our car, 30 feet away. Luckily Lindsey was already there, waiting in her car for us, so we just rushed to the ER where they had to sedate him, scrub the wound, and put in a bunch of stitches. Upwards of twenty.

Luckily, he's healing well and acting like nothing happened. The neighbors are being pretty crappy about it, but oh well. As long as he's okay. We're just thankful that it didn't hit him in a worse spot.

Even though it was in no way his fault, I still feel like this is my initiation into the world of raising rambunctious boys.

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