Thursday, February 3, 2011

Before I Forget

Tidbits for me to remember, whether in the near or distant future:

- 15 months is an amazing age. He can take some commands (I think he "gets" most stuff, he's just obstinate.) He can kind of express himself. He's so extraordinarily funny. And friendly. He cracks himself up. He is still baby-cute, but with toddler capabilities.

- Next kid, don't forget about the Graco Bumper Jumper. It popped into my head today that this house, with its abundance of doorway molding, would be perfect for it.

- ...

- I guess that's it. I thought of those two things and figured I'd think of more as I wrote, but I really need to clean up a little before I go to bed, so I have to abandon my mission.

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