Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week Four

Pregnancy Week Four: February 2-9, 2011

Symptoms: Nausea, hunger (sometimes at the same time!), fatigue, cramps, dizziness, moodiness

I had my first doctor's appointment today, at which I peed in a cup and got (yet another) positive pregnancy test. Dr. K, our family doctor, then referred me to Dr. T, the Ob-Gyn at the hospital. Apparently Dr. K is "getting out of the pregnancy business, but staying in the baby business." So he'll still be our doctor, as well as the new baby's, but I'll see Dr. T during pregnancy.

I go in two weeks for my first appointment with Dr. T, and she'll give me an ultrasound to make sure everything is on track. If I calculated right, my due date is October 19th, otherwise known as Declan's second birthday! :)

For now, I am just a nervous wreck. Even though this baby is a surprise, I am really in love already. I know that early miscarriages are common; I have a few friends who have recently lost little baby beans. Every time I use the bathroom, I check the toilet paper for spotting. With each day that passes, I'm a little more confident that our tiny baby is sticking, but it's still so early.

Despite it being so early, Aaron has already told the world! Everyone knows, from family to friends to coworkers. Aaron literally told his buddies at work the same day that I got the first positive test. I waited a couple of days to tell my mom, because I wanted to tell her by showing Declan's big brother shirt on Skype. We did that on Sunday night, and it went over really well. Everyone is excited - surprised, but excited!

We already have name lists going, of course.

Aaron's picks: Archer, Tristan, Ronan, Kieran, Angus, Fergus, Finnian, Liam

(Aaron hasn't picked girl names, because he thinks he only makes boys. Haha.)

My picks: Archer, Jonah, Leo, Sawyer, Sullivan, Tristan
Annabelle, Audrey, Clara, Evelyn, Georgia, Maren, Rosemary, Scarlett, Violet

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