Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeing Spots

More scary stuff.

The spotting had completely stopped Sunday night, all of Monday, and Tuesday morning. I thought we were in the clear. A one-time, freak thing, and baby was fine. Well, Tuesday afternoon, I started spotting bright red. The ER told me to come back if it was red, so, as an avid direction-follower, I went back.

They took more blood. They did a pelvic exam. My cervix was closed, according to the doctor. But seeing the speculum come out covered in blood was not a comforting sight. And when my blood test came back, my levels had risen, but were nowhere near where they should have been (Tuesday it was 11,800, and Sunday it was 15,900 - it should have doubled.)

Anyway, they sent me home, said go to your doctor's appointment in the morning, she'll give you an ultrasound. So that's what I did. The in-office ultrasound machine wasn't strong enough to see our tiny bean, so she scheduled me for an "internal ultrasound" (read: up the hoo-ha!) at the hospital.

Once there, I hoisted myself onto the table, spread my legs, they shoved the "probe" (that's really what it's called!) in, and there it was: my little baby with a tiny heartbeat, fluttering away! I almost cried. I had been expecting bad news. I had psyched myself up for the worst. And then I saw the amazing! Baby was measuring 6 weeks, 1 day - 1 day bigger than expected. Which in turn pushes my due date up to October 18th, the day BEFORE Declan's birthday. :)

We're not totally out of the woods yet. My numbers still didn't double like they should have, and I'm still spotting on and off. But my doctor says that once they see a heartbeat, the level of concern about those things drops considerably. Once there's a heartbeat, your chance of miscarriage goes down a LOT.

So I'm returning to work on Saturday, though I certainly won't be lifting heavy people by myself or running through the hallways or anything. I am just so happy to have seen that little bean. I hope that he or she sticks around.

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