Monday, February 21, 2011


So I mentioned how we've been sick?

Well Friday evening I started running a fever. I didn't take my temperature, because we were out and about, but I could just tell by that achy, chilly feeling. Finally about 10 pm I sent Aaron for Tylenol.

All day Saturday I laid around, miserable. I didn't want to take *too* much Tylenol, so between doses the fever would come back full force. It had me shivering and sweating, too weak to get up, absolutely pathetic.

On Sunday morning I noticed a little spot of pinkish-brown on the toilet paper when I wiped. Of course I made the mistake of googling "fever during pregnancy" - which resulted in me bawling, reading story after story of fevers causing miscarriages. I spent most of the morning going pack and forth to the bathroom, inspecting my toilet paper like some kind of spotting detective.

Around 1 pm, it was a much scarier shade of bright pink. I called the ER in tears, they told me to come in immediately. No question.

Well, my DARLING husband was at the gym and wasn't answering his phone. So I called my sister-in-law, who is also pretty much my best friend up here. She dropped everything, left her four kids to fend for themselves (don't panic, the oldest is 12 and he's really good) and came to pick me up.

My luck being what it is, her car got stuck in the mud in our driveway. And of course, Aaron had taken the new car (read: automatic, the only kind of car Lindsey and I can drive) so we had to take the truck (read: stick shift. Bumpy ride.)

We get to the hospital and go through the usual routine. Check in. Gown. Vitals. She asked me to pee in a cup and leave my toilet paper on top of the trash can. Well, wouldn't you know it, there was barely any pink that time. I know it's because I'd been wiping like a manic just before we left, trying to see how much pink was coming out. But I'm sure the nurses thought I was crazy for freaking out over *that.*

They obliged me and drew blood to check my HCG levels. One level (11,800) won't tell us anything. I'm going to my OB's office on Wednesday to get more blood drawn, and they'll tell me if the levels are going up like they should, or if they're dropping.

The good news is that I haven't had even the slightest spot of pink since I got home. I've also stayed horizontal 90% of the time, so that helps. I am slowly becoming more confident that this is NOT the end. I won't be totally calm until I see the my HCG is rising appropriately. Scratch that, I'll never be totally calm again. I'm a mom.

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