Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And The Thunder Rolls

Big storm here tonight! Pouring rain and almost constant thunder and lightning - I hope it lasts for longer than five minutes!

My doctor's appointment today went well, no changes. Bed rest for two more weeks, then I'll be freeeee! And I don't have to go back next week unless I'm having lots of contractions.

I spent the day designing baby shower invites, which are to be mailed out by this weekend. If anyone reading this has any ideas of people who they think I might be forgetting on the invite list, let me know. My list is pitifully short, but I really can't think of many people who live close enough. If I could include free plane tickets to and from Austin in the envelope, I could expand the list exponentially, but the budget is a little too tight for that. Just a little. Anyway, if you have any ideas, speak up!


Just Ashley said...

I really miss you and the family! I really hope to see you guys sooh. That is all. Glad you are closer to freedom from bedrest!

julie kay said...


Anonymous said...

so I was trying to do the world capitals, but first I think I have to get a grip on where these countries world map first, and then capitals! my best in the capitals was level 4 but that was only like for 2 turns and because I was following the letter patterns of the capital to guess, maybe, which was it´s country! It was all good until the -stans and then I was lost!

So good luck!

Natalie said...

julie - good one! do you have her address?