Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update (Not Feeling Creative)

All went well at my doctor's appointment today. I'm exactly the same, 1 cm and 75%, which is good. Still on strict bed rest, but not quite as worried.

The nurses really loved my knitting. I was working on it in the waiting room; these weekly appointments with 45+ minutes of waiting each time mean that I've read every single magazine they have to offer. So far I've got a blanket thats 30 inches long and about 1 inch wide. Got a ways to go.

I saw the nurse practitioner since my doctor's on vacation. Turns out she was put on bed rest at 27 weeks for being dilated and effaced, just like me. They took her off bed rest at 34 weeks, and... she ended up going 3 days past her due date. So she told me, "You never know. You have to be prepared for a baby anywhere between 4.5 pounds and 11."


So on Sunday at Katherine and Jessica's birthday party, my family is going to start betting on Declan's birthdate. You put in a dollar to "buy" a day, and if he's born on that day, you get half the pot. I'm excited because I get the other half of the pot no matter when he's born. :)


Anonymous said...

I am glad you found knitting. My host mom is an avid knitter and when I told her that you were on bed rest and rather bored she suggested knitting! So yay!

hope are are feeling less restless!

When it comes to baby gifts, should I stick to something that i like and i know you would like or stick with what my mom told me Aaron would like?

Natalie said...

Haha, you can tell your host mom that I have a 3" x 30" strip of blanket so far. But I'm so proud of it!

I say stick with what you like. But of course I'm biased because I know we'll like similar things. Go with your gut, I guess!

Can't wait for you to be home, not long now!