Monday, August 17, 2009

Going Nuts

I have a huge headache. And that unshakeable restless feeling that you get when you're laying down 24 hours a day. Plus I'm alone from 7 to 4 or so, and when Aaron does get home, he just wants to play on my computer.

I swear, if I were rich, I'd hire someone to come talk to me. And play board games. I'd put an ad up on CraigsList. "Funny, smart, and highly patient person needed to entertain and cater to a pregnant woman on bed rest. She'll give you a run for your money in Scrabble if you'll refill her water glass."

But then I'd get a lot of weirdos. Plus I'm broke. So I'll just have to wait for Aaron to get home, and then... and then I'll pretend my computer is broken. So he'll have to talk to me.

OMG, I am shaking with boredom. WHAT DO I DO? I feel like a druggie in withdrawal. I mean, I've got books and I've got my computer, but I just want to RUN AROUND LIKE A MANIAC! Or go for a swim. Just one little swim. But I called my doctor to ask in floating in the pool was okay on bed rest, and they said no. Ahhh!

I want Declan to stay in as long as possible, but seriously, if I go insane, I won't be a very good mother.


Anonymous said...

i'll be home soon enough and I will gladly chat with you all day! I do need a refresher course in English, so maybe you can be my teacher!

love you,

Just Ashley said...

video games maybe? That's what got me through bed rest... Sorry you're having to deal with all this. It's worth it in the end! I know you know that already