Friday, August 21, 2009


Bah, today was miserable. I cannot keep my hormones in check. As soon as Aaron came home from work, I started picking fights and being overly sensitive.

I really think it's the bed rest. I spent all day knitting and watching The Tudors, so I forgot how to properly interact with human beings. I mean, it's also being 8 months pregnant. That's probably the bulk of the issue. But being on house arrest with only my computer to keep me company sure doesn't help.

So we had a Big Blow-Up Argument, which, as per usual, ended up with me sobbing hysterically over nothing and Aaron calling me a big baby. Then we kissed and made up, and I sent him off to see Inglorious Basterds without me, tearing up again as he drove away because I SO want to see that movie! But at least one of us should be having fun, so that they can put up with the other's crabbiness. Both of us being bored and unhappy is just a recipe for disaster.

For the record, the argument was about how much "maternity leave" I get until I MUST (<-- Aaron's emphasis) get a job. His opinion? As little time as possible. My opinion? As much time as we can afford. So you see, we differ.

Maybe I need to get out in the sun. Maybe I have a vitamin D deficiency. Or maybe... ice cream. Maybe I just need some ice cream.

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