Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grandma Says "Keep Your Legs Closed"

Aaron's not very good at the whole keep-Natalie-on-bedrest thing. When I was at my parent's house while he was gone, they wouldn't let me get up except to go to the bathroom. Period. No getting up. And while that was very frustrating, it's even more frustrating for Aaron to be asking me to "run out to the truck and get _____," "make [him] and omelet," "go get the socks [he] left at Sue's," etc.

I get stuck in a very awkward position of telling him, "But I can't!" And he says, "You don't look sick, or in labor. You can do it." "Well I know I'm not sick or in labor, but, but... The doctor said not to!" "Walking 50 feet is not going to kill you." "I CAN'T! I'M NOT ALLOWED!" Then big sighs are emitted from either party, and I keep my butt planted firmly on the couch while he goes around doing things for himself (for once) and slamming doors.

The dishes haven't been washed since I've been out of commission, and the bathroom floor looks like Aaron's personal hamper. But I am stubborn. I will not exert myself by picking up after him. I will sit here and eat Katherine's birthday cake and wait for Aunt Sue to get back from Mexico (today! hooray!).

And I'm going to try and give my blog a makeover, so don't freak out. It's time.

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Anonymous said...

You only have a few more hours until you get your Aunt sue back... I am jealous but i think you need her more than me!

She is almost in Mexico City, and then her flight is at 3:15. I think she should be back home by 9 pm. So take a crazy long nap, or maybe a movie marathon and when you are done she will be right next door!